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Are you an IT outsourcer, reseller, MSP or channel partner looking to enhance your global reach? We offer 24/7 access to 6000+ trained IT engineers on every continent. Whether you need break fix support with critical SLA's, resource for global projects, resource for IT Services & IMAC’s, dedicated or ad-hoc, we can assist.

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World-class IT services

24×7 IT International Maintenance
We provide ongoing Break Fix contracts to keep your clients’ legacy equipment performing well. A cost-effective alternative to OEM repair management contracts from the major manufacturers.
Smart hands
Get help with on-site IT projects including IMAC, ITAD, new equipment roll-outs and more. On-demand assistance from skilled IT professionals.
White label IT solutions
When it’s impractical or too expensive to directly employee staff in certain locations, our engineers can attend to your clients under your brand’s name.
Global wireless surveys
Setting up a wireless network for your client? Our global IT consultants can survey the area for RF interference and help plan, install and maintain a network that provides the right quality of service.

Local on-site support from Global IT Experts

24×7 Global IT coverage

In 150+ countries

Local knowledge

and language abilities

Skilled engineers

ranging from L1-L6

Fast communications

by email or online portal

Get a skilled engineer on-site in 4 hours or less

With our expansive global network of IT engineers, we provide ad hoc on-site support in 150+ countries. And if your client’s site is based in a major city, we can be there in 4 hours or less.

That means you can expand your reach to new countries and territories without the expense of taking on full-time staff.

Whether you need IT solutions for an office in London or a retail outlet in Kenya, we go the distance to get the job done.

An IT engineer from Orion Global walking through a server room with a notepad en route to solving a technical problem.

On-demand maintenance services from a Global IT Consultancy Company

Wherever your client is based, we send skilled engineers to troubleshoot and fix IT equipment in offices, data centres, and everything in between. We can help with:

  • Servers
  • Storage 
  • Network devices
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Global Wireless Surveys
  • EPOS Systems
  • Audiovisual installs 
  • Computers, laptops and other end-user devices
  • + much more

Served by our team

hour response time

To engineer call-outs in major cities

secure stocking locations

For fast despatch of parts

hour response

To all quote requests

Technologies we work with

include (but not limited to):


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Why choose Orion 247 for global IT support?

Simplified communication

Get fast updates from our team by using our online ticketing system, or simply email us if you prefer. We’re in regular contact with our engineers while they’re working on-site, which means we can deal with unexpected issues quickly.

Cost-effective pricing

Because we employ our staff directly, with no middle men or hidden margin stacks, our rates stay low. That means you can use us to expand your global reach without cutting into your profits.

International infrastructure

Our head office is in the UK, but our team provides back office support from various international locations. With staff in every continent, we’re able to provide resources 24/7 to almost any site in the world.

Fast part replacement

When it comes to IT support, the biggest delays happen when replacement parts needed for a solution aren’t available. When we have an ongoing global IT maintenance contract with you, we keep stock of replacement parts so that we can solve problems without delay.

We have 40 stocking locations around the world, allowing us to dispatch parts quickly and cost-effectively whenever needed. If needed, we can provide forward stocking locations where you need them.

Support in remote areas

We have skilled, reliable engineers all over the world, including regions that other vendors find difficult to serve. Whether you need an engineer in the USA, Dubai, Thailand, the Ivory Coast or somewhere else, we’ve got you covered.

Discover new multi-county strategies for the Global IT industry

We surveyed 100+ senior IT officials to find out how global IT companies are working seamlessly across countries. Read the findings in our latest white paper, Technology without Boundaries.

Download white paper

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