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Air Magnet Site Survey

Do you need engineers for Air Magnet Wireless Site Survey Software?

Save valuable time by contacting us for multi-country Wireless Site Survey services.

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An Orion engineer demonstrating an AirMagnet Site Survey and the use of relevant software for an employee at an IT company.

AirMagnet Site Survey Specialists

Many of our partners rely on us as a single point of contact for booking a certified Ekahau or AirMagnet Wi-Fi engineer. Finding a qualified WiFi engineer with access to the correct software required can be challenging and that is why Orion 247 has built a network of trusted and reliable Ekahau and AirMagnet site survey specialists around the world.

We add value by acting as a white label solutions partner and an extension to their existing team by assisting with the global reach of their wireless site surveys. Our partners can contact us instead of going out to multiple in-country suppliers for quotes for international WiFi site surveys, thus saving valuable time and money.

What is AirMagnet Pro?

AirMagnet Pro wireless site survey tool allows the Wi-Fi engineer to design a new Wi-Fi network or perform a Pre and Post Site Surveys. It can simulate changes to an existing network, compare surveys side-by-side, automatically validate requirements, or generate custom reports.

How to use AirMagnet Pro Software & The Key Benefits

  • Conduct active and passive wireless surveys during a single walkthrough
  • Design, plan and alter new Wi-Fi networks without installing any Access Points (APs)
  • Quickly and easily collect performance data on all end user devices
  • Use multiple customizable report templates
  • Wireless site surveying troubleshooting to analyze noise, RF interference, throughputs, dead zones etc.
  • Flexible, quick view abilities across multiple sites
A modern spacious office in need of an AirMagnet wireless site survey to determine the most efficient WiFi access points.
Our Process

Because we only work in the IT channel with channel partners, we ask for a request to conduct a wireless site survey to be raised with one of our Sales Account Managers. From there we can view the Scope of Works (SOW) and work with our internal Service Delivery team to allocate the relevant global resource for the survey using specialist wireless site troubleshooting software. Our Service Delivery team is available for you and your team 24x7x365, any time of the day or night.

Find out more about Global Ekahau Site Survey

What are Wireless Surveys?

A wireless site survey is an onsite survey visit by a trained and certified WiFi engineer. During Wireless Surveys for New Networks, the engineer will use software such as Ekahau or AirMagnet to test for RF interference and to identify the best installation placement for wireless access points (APs). This will also involve a floor plan analysis, an inspection of the facility, discussions with the IT management team and the use of site survey tools.
The surveys are used to collect vital information about the wireless environment to understand where the placements of APs should be during pre-deployment or to identify areas of weakness within the wireless environment.

What Steps are involved during an onsite Wireless Network Site Survey?

1. Questions about the end user’s business

  • What devices are being used & how many are there of each device?
    • The make, model and amount of devices, for example, desktops, laptops, printers, mobile devices, tablets, VOIP phone devices, scanners etc.. knowing how many devices need to be connected allows for capacity planning of the number of APs required to run the network
  • What is the wireless network being used for and what applications will be running?
  • Does the planned AP placement cater to the type of applications that need to be active?
  • What preferences does the end user have regarding the manufacturer of the equipment?
  • If we are carrying out a Network Health Check Survey, what issues have been causing problems prior to the survey?

2. Information about the layout of the facility and the building

  • CAD drawings and detailed building plans and maps help our software to analyse the layout and building materials used that will determine connectivity throughout the facility.

3. Site Visit to analyse and test

  • The onsite engineer will need access to the Communications Cabinet and will do an audit of all the hardware equipment located there.
  • The cabling will also be documented
  • Existing WAPs will be audited
  • A walkthrough of the whole building using the analysis equipment to determine any areas of interference from wireless and non-wireless devices.
  • APs will be placed. The engineer will take readings using the Ekahau or AirMagnet site survey software.
  • A Network Interface Card will carry out a passive wireless survey and another will do an active wireless survey
  • The engineer will collate and concisely report the data findings to the onsite contact person.

Why Choose Orion 247?

Fast communication
Because we employ our staff directly and don’t have any hidden margin stacks, our pricing stays affordable. Using us to deliver Smart Hands IT support to your customers means you can expand your global reach without taking on extra permanent staff.

Global coverage
Our head office is in the UK, but we have locations around the world and can provide fast service to remote regions. Whether your client is based in Australia, Ghana, the Cayman Islands or somewhere else, our white labelling services will maintain your reputation.

Cost-effective pricing
Because we employ our staff directly and don’t have any hidden margin stacks, our pricing stays affordable. Using us to deliver IT support to your customers means you can expand your global reach without taking on extra permanent staff.

Fast part replacement
For most companies, the biggest obstacle that prevents problems from being solved quickly is obtaining replacement parts. When we have an on-going contract with you, we keep stock of replacement parts so that we can solve problems without wasting time.

We have 40 stocking locations around the world, allowing us to dispatch parts and products quickly to your client or customer. If needed, we can quickly set up a forward stocking location where you need it.