End User Profile

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of vertical transport systems with an annual turnover of $12.34 Billion.

Customer Brief

Through one of our valued channel partners, Orion 247 was approached to develop and provide the staging and configuration of 77,000 iPhones and to organise the distribution of the finished devices to end-user sites across EMEA & APAC.

Orion 247 Solution

When Orion 247 was approached to provide a service solution for the implementation of this project, the first step was to make sure we had a detailed project plan in place by working closely with our channel partner and their end-user.

The overall project, which is still ongoing, requires Orion to take delivery of the new iPhones in batches, follow a detailed staging process (which differs depending on the country they are being distributed to), a strict quality control procedure and finally, the distribution of the finished, ready to use iPhones to the end-user.

The staging process is perhaps the most complex part of this project and presented some challenges which we worked hard to overcome. The main issue was the multiple downloading of required apps onto more than 100 iPhones at a time. To overcome this, Orion developed our own technology, which includes a configuration box into which the iPhones are connected to enable multiple phones to be connected to the WIFI simultaneously. We invested heavily in bandwidth technology and configured specific servers with a high WIFI pulse.

To date, we have successfully configured and distributed thousands of iPhones to the end user’s offices in: UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, South Korea, Spain, Hong Kong and South Africa.