Orion Global Managed Services strike up a perfectly balanced partnership with jetNEXUS

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We are excited to announce our most recent partnership with British load balancing vendor, jetNEXUS. jetNEXUS advanced load balancing technology mitigates the risk of downtime and vastly improves the scalability and reliability of applications. The solution is a perfect fit for Enterprise applications such as MS Exchange and Lync, self-service websites and browser based applications, particularly where user experience is key.

“The union of Orion Global and jetNEXUS presents a unique opportunity for us to enhance our service offering to include a high-quality, powerful load balancing solution at a competitive and cost effective price point for our customers,” explained Chris Liversidge, CEO of Orion Global Managed Services.

Application Delivery technology has grown rapidly in popularity but remains a relatively untapped opportunity for many resellers. Combining unprecedented ease-of-use with application security and optimisation features that go beyond simple server redundancy, load balancing is an essential requirement to everyday application stacks. Orion’s team of trained engineers offer expertise in deployment, configuration and support of next generation jetNEXUS load balancing technology.

Some Key Benefits include:

  • Load balance traffic across multiple application servers for high availability
  • Reduce load on web servers and improve application performance
  • Secure and protect applications with Web Application Firewall, Pre-Authorisation, Single Sign-On and Reverse Proxy functionality
  • Traffic Management functionality to solve complex web application delivery challenges
  • Unprecedented ease of use

If you would like to know more about our partnership with jetNEXUS or about the load balancing technology itself, please contact us.

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