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The World’s Worst Data Breaches!

By February 14, 2018November 16th, 2020No Comments

How big is ‘Big Data’? There isn’t a clear answer for this, the data universe is growing all the time. In a single day, it is thought that the world produces 2.5 quntillian bytes (2.3 trillion gigabytes) of data, in laymen’s terms, this is the equivalent of everyone in the world downloading 60 episodes of Breaking Bad, in HD, 20 times! [Source: VCloud 2012]

When it comes to our personal data, it is hard to know exactly where it goes and what it is being used for. If we could track our data for one day, I’m sure we would be very surprised at how it is shared and who gets access to it. Control over personal data is improving though and with the upcoming GDPR deadline on 25th May 2018, companies will need to have policies and procedures in place to protect the data they are storing or face hefty fines.

Check out the scale of the top 5 worst data breaches:


In our future blog posts, we will be looking at exactly what measures you can take to safeguard your data online and also how businesses can create a multi layered approach to secure their IT infrastructure and, in turn, their company data.

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