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Ekahau Site Survey Software

The Ekahau Site Survey Tool is a software tool that tests for RF interference and identifies the best installation placement for wireless access points (APs).

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A wireless access point (WAP) which will be surveyed as part of a network ekahau site survey to identify the best placement.

Ekahau WiFi site survey

The surveys are used to collect vital information about the wireless environment to understand where the placements of APs should be during pre-deployment or to identify areas of weakness within the wireless environment.

An Ekahau WiFi site survey is an effective and simple way of collecting data to understand the radio frequency behaviour in the area where the wireless network is or is going to be installed. It will reveal any dead zones or areas of interference which is vital to be able to build a solid network.

The main outcome of a Wi-Fi site survey is to determine the feasibility of implementing a wireless network in a specific area and finding the best spots for access points and other equipment like cables and antennas. With the help of an Ekahau site survey, your client will be able to decide what equipment to get and where to install it.

Your Single Point of Contact For Global Ekahau Site Surveys

Save valuable time by contacting us for multi-country Wireless Site Survey services.

Many of our partners rely on us as a single point of contact for booking a certified Ekahau or AirMagnet Wi-Fi engineer. Finding a qualified WiFi engineer with access to the software required can be challenging and that is why Orion 247 has built a network of trusted and reliable Ekahau and AirMagnet site survey specialists around the world.

We add value by acting as a white label solutions partner and an extension to their existing team by assisting with the global reach of their wireless site surveys. Our partners can contact us instead of going out to multiple in-country suppliers for quotes for international WiFi site surveys, thus saving valuable time and money.

An Orion 247 engineer on-site to give training of the ekahau site survey to the in-house employees is checking a server rack.
  • Ekahau Pro™ accurately predicts network coverage, performance, and capacity—in 3D. With built-in design profiles to meet commonly used guidelines from Cisco, Aruba, Polycom, Skype, Vocera and other vendors.
  • The software allows the engineer to conduct faster, more accurate site surveys.
  • It gives simple yet ultra-comprehensive validation of the Wi-Fi network coverage and performance.
  • Coupled with Ekahau Sidekick and Survey for iOS the engineer can collect survey data faster than ever before with and review and optimize all designs with Pro.
  • Identify common issues such as coverage holes, co-channel interference, non-Wi-Fi interference, over-capacity, high channel utilization, and malfunctioning equipment.
  • Automate easy-to-interpret reports for the entire Wi-Fi project with a single click or create fully customized reports designed around specific project needs.
  • Connect Ekahau Sidekick (included with Connect) with Ekahau Pro site survey tool for fast and accurate on-site surveys, ultra-high-end spectrum analysis, and battery life that lasts all day.
About our Ekahau Site Survey

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Watch Ekahau site survey tutorial videos and read more in the Ekahau site survey user guide on the Ekahau website

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